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20 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been fortunate to have had Tarek come into my home on numerous occasions to assist me in both my personal computer and business. I am computer illiterate, and Tarek has always been there to answer my every question and to save me and my computer more than once. He has always been a total gentlemen around me and my family, and is a pleasure to have around. Thanks for everything Tarek, and Best of Luck on this new endeavour!

  2. We were in a jam with our computer, not knowing what was wrong, we called Tarek and within an hour he was here and repaired the computer, made sure it was running and everything was on it, that was on before. He answered all my questions, A very pleasant man to deal with.
    Thank you Tarek, We will be calling you again, Kathy.

  3. Tarek had tried to save my wifes computer, but it was dead.
    There was literally nothing that could be done to save it. However , I found him to be very knowledgable and very couteous. His rates are very resonable as well. His knowledge and skill will be an asset to you for sure.
    Thanks Tarek.

  4. Here at Scotia Diesel, we understand that good service means everything. That’s why we cannot say enough good things about Tarek, his customer services skills are exceptional, he’s reliable and efficient. We appreciate your patience and the great service. Be sure to give Tarek a call when your computers need expert care. We highly recommend him for any small or large business so be sure to give him a call!!! Thanks again Tarek, and remember you’re our number 1 guy!!!!

    Sincerely the staff of Scotia Diesel

  5. Twice we’ve been jammed up with a computer issue and Tarek was able to come to the office on short notice (once late on Friday) and promptly provide a remedy. Thanks Tarek, you are a “GoTo” guy.

  6. Tarek’s service is fantastic, he saved me both time and money! All it took was one phone call and he we made arrangements to get things started right away. I was dealing with another service provider at the time that had my computer for over a month at this point and was charging me double the price for parts that weren’t even needed. Instead of taking advantage of the situation and just fixing what was suggested by the other provider… Tarek was very honest, told me what ACTUALLY had to be repaired and I had it back in a few short days. It’s because of his honesty and great work that he will always have my recommendation and serivce. Thanks Tarek!

  7. Instant Service! Called Tarek regarding a problem with my home computer and within an hour he was on the job. Not only did he do a fantastic job fixing the problem but he also picked up the computer at my place of employment and dropped it off when finished. Very professional and prompt in his service and a big thanks for all your help. All the best!!

  8. Tarek is professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable in his field, I would recommend in an instant. Thanks for the stellar service Tarek!!!!!

  9. I am a computer junky. I like to try and fix things myself. . . and when that goes south, I can count on Tarek to fix my mistakes X). It is done fast, and to date I have not had a problem/question that he didn’t fix or answer. So, whether it be that I bought a cheap that didn’t work right from the get-go, or have wireless internet issues, and finally as with ANY PC user got viruses, all of the dilemmas have been fixed. THANK YOU TAREK!

  10. Tarek has built a number of critical servers for my clients and all were successfully deployed without issue. Top rate effort Tarek, keep up the excellent work.

  11. I would to thank Tarek for his very prompt and excellent service when my computer seized up on me. He was there within the hour to pick it up, repair the problem, clean, update everything and return it. My computer works like new and a pleasure to use. Thank you so much Tarek
    Carmen Cameron

  12. This is the second time in 3 years that Tarek has solved a problem for us with an old warhorse computer that we want to hang on to as long as possible. Professional and prompt.

  13. Many thanks to Tarek’s quick and efficient response to my computer dilemma. I contacted him about 8:30 AM on a Saturday and he was here and fixed the problem before 1:00 PM. It is amazing to have someone make “house calls”.

  14. Outstanding customer service! I wont take my computer any where else from now on….best of the best…thanks alot!!

  15. Tarek is fast and professional and honest. He picked my computer up at the office and returned it working better than when I bought it new. I would recommend Tarek to anyone

  16. Tarek took my computer monday and i had it back by 12:30 on tuesday he did an awesome job i highly recommend him. Thank you Tarek

  17. Dropped a beat up old lap top off to Tarek Friday after noon,got it back Sunday! Like a brand new computer and for a great price.Like I have said many times before,”I have no idea why anyone would take their computers anywhere else”.
    Thanks again Tarek!

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